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Gamma-background Bulletin

A permanent gamma-background monitoring is implemented by 5 authorities on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria:

The measurements results are summarized in the NRA. The data for the last 24 hours show that the gamma-background values in Bulgaria are within the limits of the natural background variations, typical for the corresponding sites.


Аverage values of the gamma-background in the country by 11:00 on 17.07.2019 for the last 24 hours.
For the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria the natural gamma-background is from 0.06 to 0.40 µSv/h.

 bgmap_nra_en.png  station µSv/h
 Sofia 0.14
 Varna -
 Plovdiv -
 Pleven 0.09
 Russe 0.10
 Veliko Tarnovo 0.09
 Petrohan 0.10
 Emine -
 Oryahovo 0.08
 Kozloduy 0.09
 Novi Han 0.11
 Montana -
 Bansko* 0.17
 Elin Pelin* 0.13
 Lom* 0.13

* Measurements from AISRM "Katrin"